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San Francisco Bay Area Food and Restaurants [entries|friends|calendar]
SF Bay Area Food and Restaurants

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Economic Collapse Crumb Cake [01 Aug 2011|11:07am]

I made this in San Francisco: Economic Collapse Crumb Cake.

From Apocalypse Cakes.
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dine about town 2010 [11 Jan 2010|10:03pm]

 it's that time of year again, time for dine about town! has anyone had good or bad experiences going to any of these restaurants for their special prix fixe menus?
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Cool menus [30 Nov 2009|03:10pm]

I have a somewhat unusual question to ask.
I am looking for SF restaurants that have the most visually or otherwise interesting menus. Like, with cool graphics, or some witty quotations, or engaging stories printed on the menus. Do you know of any places in the city that have this?
Thank you in advance!

(to be x-posted to Yelp...)
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Want to join my new dining club? [18 Nov 2009|08:42pm]

We're just getting it started, it's called Good Taste (unless someone proposes a better name). We're aiming for our first dining out experience Monday around 8pm at Le Central French bistro. We'd love to have you! I started a group page on Google, check it out for more info.

glam aka tony
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Mazu [01 Oct 2009|04:59pm]

3809 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94118-3210
(415) 221-9800

My friend just opened an Asian fusion restaurant in San Francisco, so if you're looking for something new to try, please head down Geary and give it a shot! We ate there last week and everything was delicious. The seating was comfortable and there was a live DJ throwing down some classic hip hop for a laid-back, casual atmosphere. We had the Mango Summer Rolls, Korean Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, and Beef Bulgogi Rolls to start. I ordered the Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass (marinated in white miso with sake and roasted in banana leaf) as my entree. It was cooked to perfection. Not to mention, the soju cocktails are dangerous ;)

Going back again this weekend because it was so good. We didn't get to try everything we wanted on the menu because everything sounded awesome. The menu and drink list can be found on the website if you're interested.
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In search of Ice Cream [28 Aug 2009|03:21pm]

Hi everyone, I was hoping that someone here knows what I'm talking about.


that is a picture of the ice cream I've been trying to find for the last couple of years. I'm an SF native and I used to find these guys at liquor stores or corner markets back when I was in high school (10 years ago or so) but I haven't 'seen them since! It appears to be a local company but I couldn't find anything on them online, and I just want to know if they're still in business because they made really delicious malt ice cream. Any info would help.


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San Francisco Street Food Festival - Saturday Aug 22 [19 Aug 2009|05:22pm]


La Cocina presents a one-day street food feeding frenzy! We're closing the street. We're pouring street food inspired cocktails. We're serving casual, affordable food from every corner of the globe. Come eat with us. This is food for all. Admission is free and open to the public. Food and drinks will be sold by each vendor, with nothing costing more than $8.

The day-long block party will bring together micro-entrepreneurs, informal food vendors and renowned chefs to celebrate great street food, entrepreneurial spirit and the vibrant communities of San Francisco. In addition to delicious eats, the festival will feature a beer and spirits garden, roving street musicians, street art projects, and a hands-on children's play area, as well as multi-lingual services for attendees. The event is a benefit for La Cocina.

read more at sfstreetfoodfest.com
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szechuan ramen [04 Aug 2009|04:54pm]

while i was in LA recently, i ate at chin-ma-ya of tokyo and it was easily, hands down the best ramen of my life. apparently their ramen is "szechuan style" (and apparently ramen was originally chinese. who knew?), and i've been craving it since i got back. does anybody know of anyplace in the bay area to get szechuan ramen? preferably east bay, SF also possible?
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Sampling [22 Jul 2009|05:17pm]

I am looking for a restaurant in the city where I could do a bit of sampling, akin to tapas or mezze, but not necessarily related to Spanish or Mediterranean food per se. Asian would probably not work, but European of some kind would be great. Something nice and romantic, but not too crowded or loud. Also, it needs to be open on a Monday.

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dine about town SF: june 1 - 15 [21 May 2009|12:59pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Dine About Town is back again for June!


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Good Bars/Brewerys for big groups [14 May 2009|01:31pm]

is there a good bar/brewerys that are good for big groups that take reservations near SF? Getting parking would be a plus as well.
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[05 May 2009|10:40pm]

Oprah bought the country free KFC.

No bull$hit.

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