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Attempted to go to the SF Street Food Festival but when we arrived it was a teeming mass of people, lines, waiting and more lines and we fled after 10 minutes. Instead we went to Esperpento for tapas and sangria and had a much better time.
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Yeah we bailed after 20 seconds of looking at the lines.
How was the paella? We had brunch at Esperpento last weekend too, but didn't have paella. The only thing we really liked was the blood sausage.
The blood sausage was great for me as well. I wasn't blwn away by the rest of what we ordered. The paella was overcooked leaving the seafood chewy and rubbery. The grilled squid was nice tho. One big issue were the albondigas which came in a piping hot sauce but were themselves not fully heated through.
What a gorgeous photograph. I am not a fan of Esperpento's paella but their spicy potatoes with aioli, sauteed garlic mushrooms & mixed green salad are divine.
Omg I've totally had their Paella and Sangria and it was so freaking good!
i always enjoy the photos you put up here. can i ask what kind of camera/lens you usually shoot with?
This was shot with a Canon 40D wiht a 50mm macro lens using natural light.