eric (structurefall) wrote in sf_eats,

szechuan ramen

while i was in LA recently, i ate at chin-ma-ya of tokyo and it was easily, hands down the best ramen of my life. apparently their ramen is "szechuan style" (and apparently ramen was originally chinese. who knew?), and i've been craving it since i got back. does anybody know of anyplace in the bay area to get szechuan ramen? preferably east bay, SF also possible?
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Ramen is not as good as LA. Not gonna lie. But the best places in the bay are the typical ramen places. Santa ramen, aloha ramen, etc.

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aha! i'd forgotten what the specific ramen i ordered was called, and it was in fact tan-tan men. have any taiwanese noodle places to recommend?

i'm gonna check out this place in SF. san mateo's a bit far for a bowl of noodles...
where in the east bay are you? I don't think it's exactly the same style, but Sichuan Fortune House in Pleasant Hill has tan tan noodles and so does China Village in Albany.